Language Arts


This section is my summary of studying Language Arts.

Language Arts, this is the third (3rd) of five (5) subjects in the “LIFEPAC” curriculum books or computerized “Switched-On Schoolhouse” curriculum that we use for our education. Switched-On Schoolhouse Language Arts, for grades 3-12, targets the sequential development of communication skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Because SOS Language Arts is an integrated program, the elementary grades weave skill topics (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking) together within units. In the middle and high school grades, skills are developed unit by unit. The major strands are detailed as follows: Reading (Vocabulary, Comprehension Skills, Literature Studies), Writing (Spelling, Penmanship, Grammar, Composition), Speaking and Listening, and Special Topics (Visual Media, History of the English Language, The Bible as Literature, Book Reports, Study and Research Skills).

I’m currently in ninth (9th) grade Language Arts. I enjoy learning about our language and how the mechanics of it work. The inspired and rhythmic changes in our language are appealing to the creative process. This aids me in my understanding and passion for music. These musical vibrations lend a new level of feeling to the vibrations of a language or words that can sometimes be hard to feel.