History & Geography


This section is my summary of studying History and Geography.

History and Geography, this is the second (2nd) of five (5) subjects in the “LIFEPAC” curriculum books or computerized “Switched-On Schoolhouse” curriculum that we use for our education. Switched-On Schoolhouse History & Geography is a complete, Bible-based curriculum for grades 3-12. The goal of these courses is to develop students’ understanding of and appreciation for God’s activity as seen in the record of man and his relationships. The curriculum targets this goal by focusing on six (6) major themes: Geography (World and American), History (World, American, and Religious), Government and Citizenship, Economics, and Social Studies.

I’m currently in ninth (9th) grade History and Geography. I enjoy studying about our country’s beginnings and sufferings. I have developed a deeper understanding and appreciation of my predecessors and what these people had to endure to make my coming more desirable.