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physicsPhysics Pro: Advanced Physics Kit.

Physics Pro is the biggest, most advanced physics kit. With this kit, I can continue my study of statics and dynamics from previous lessons and begin my study of more advanced topics in physics, including fluid dynamics, energy, oscillation, hydraulics, and pneumatics.

By adding advanced topics like fluid dynamics to my physics repertoire, I can now build some really spectacular models and devices, such as a wind tunnel, pneumatic shocks, and a hydraulic lift. You will see how physics extends far beyond the classroom, giving us an amazing set of tools that can be applied in the real world to engineer marvelous things.physics_large

 The main focus of the kit is the behavior of the two most important fluids in our world — water and air — and objects immersed in them. I will investigate how air and water rest and flow, what they can carry and how they move. With experiments and models, I will find out what forces work on them and what kinds of energy they possess. I will learn how ships float and airplanes fly, why a streamlined shape lets a car drive faster and how power plants convert a current of water into electrical current.

The 96-page, full-color experiment manual in this kit has two major sections. In the first part, I enter the physics lab, where I get to know the properties of air and water and become familiar with currents and energy. There is a series of 17 experiments in which I start building smaller models. In the second part, I move on to the workshop, where I build 14 larger models of complex real-world devices. More than 213 parts are included in this kit.