This section is my summary of studying and practicing Physical Education.

Physical Education (P.E.), this is the eighth (8th) subject in our homeschooling curriculum. P.E. in homeschooling is comprised of many non-standard but real cool things. We have a lot of standard sport items, such as: baseball, football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, kickball, and tumbling.pe02 But we also have a lot of non-standard cool sport items like: lacrosse, golf, boxing, martial arts, weight-lifting, aerobics, trail-bike riding, rollerblading, rollerblade-hockey, badminton, horse shoes, camping, hiking, archery, shooting, swimming, fishing, and navigation.

I enjoy trail-bike riding, swimming, hiking, and camping the most. As well, I enjoy all the sports on the “PS3-Move” system. LOL!!!