Stream of Color

Art and Graphics

This section is our study and practice in Art.

Art, this is the sixth (6th) subject in our homeschooling curriculum. Art today is comprised of many non-standard things and processes that have not always been available.

I use my computer and software to develop or to enhance my hand drawings, pictures, or graphics. I use computer software to create games or programs with graphics in them, some of these images may be purchased from online stores and then manipulated. This has included: Game Maker 7 & 8, MultiMedia Developer 2.5, Java, C++, IntelliJ, and even Notepad++. I use computer software to create and edit webpages. This has included: WordPress, PHPStorm (PHP, Javascript, & JQuery), Notepad++, and Filezilla. I also use a scanner to digitally input my hand drawings. I use my digital camera and video camera to capture picture or videos that I want to use on a webpage or in a drawing.

I enjoy making pictures or graphics and using the Adobe CS6 Master Collection to edit them. I like to mastermind a design concept for a game in comic book form on paper. This helps me solve some of the issues in a game play and to develop a more complete thought. This is my greatest example of how I enjoy sketching and drawing.

Others in my family like to sketch and draw pictures with pencil, pen, crayon, and markers. This is their preferred method of drawing. A lot of the other forms of art can be found in the “Craft” section of this site, which is a division of this section.