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What kind of guitar do you have? 2015-02-01T20:47:41+00:00

We have an Ibanez S520EX.
You can learn more about it here.

What art software do you use? 2015-02-01T20:17:38+00:00

Photoshop – For most digital photo editing and 2D art creation.
Gimp – Similar to Photoshop except free.
Blender – For most 3D modeling, sculpting, and rigging.
3DS Max – I’m still learning this, but it is similar to Blender.
Maya – I’m still learning this, but it is similar to Blender.
Mudbox – For sculpting to use in conjunction with 3DS Max, Maya, or Blender.
Sketchbook Pro – For quick sketches for use on our Samsung Slate 7 or on PC.

What programming software do you use? 2014-07-25T23:55:02+00:00

I use IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate for programming in most languages.
For C++ I use Visual Studio C++ 2010 Express Edition.
For simple editing of website markup I use Notepad++ for quick editing.

Do you accept donations? 2014-07-25T23:33:39+00:00

No, currently I don’t accept donations.

I found an issue on this site… 2015-02-01T19:26:20+00:00

If you have found an issue first look below to see if your issue is listed.
If your issue is listed below its going to be fixed soon.
If you have found an issue that isn’t listed here, please contact me through my Contact Us page.

Here is a list of known issues:

What is this site about? 2014-07-25T23:33:11+00:00

This site is about me, Lucius, and my family.
We’ll be posting many of our activities and discoveries on here.

You can learn more about my site on the Home page and on the About Us page.

What kind of piano do you use? 2014-07-25T23:43:17+00:00

I use a Kawai CA91 Concert Artist digital piano.
You can find out more about it here.

What homeschooling curriculum do you use? 2014-07-26T00:35:18+00:00

We use AOP Switched-On-Schoolhouse (SOS) for grades 3-12.
For grades K-2 we use the LIFEPAC curriculum.
For Pre-K we use the Horizons curriculum.

You can learn about all of these and more on the AOP website.

Does your code have a copyright on it? 2016-11-20T19:03:24+00:00

For personal use, you may use my code however you like.
For public use, there are two different cases to which this applies:

1. For code that is available on my C++oding Korner blog:
There is no copyright on this code.
The code on here are things I have learned and shared with everyone else for there use.
You can use this code however you like.

2. For my coding projects:
You may use my coding projects, edit them, and publish them again as long as you give me credit.
This will apply to all of my projects unless otherwise listed.

If you’ve found someone who has abused these rules and regulations, please contact here.

Can I become a member on this site? 2014-07-25T23:32:52+00:00

There is no type of membership service available at this time.


C++oding Korner

Lucius' blog, detailing: ideas, designs, and applications of his computer programming adventures.

Examples, details, and written and downloadable code are provided.

Please, feel free to leave your comments and join me in these discussions, thank you.

chica escribiendo

Girlz & Glitz

Ashley and Toni's blog to be composed of creative writing, drawing, photography, and sewing ideas.

We will provide: pictures, videos, instructions, and available information or links to referenced materials.

Please, feel free to leave your comments and join us in these discussions, thank you.

niño escribiendo


Michael and Jacob's blog, written by Lucius, while authoring their stories on the adventures in Minecraft, web crawling, and exploring the caverns of Torchlight.

This will include: drawings, pictures, and maybe some audio and video for your entertainment.

Please, feel free to leave your comments and join us in these discussions, thank you.