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Who We Are

First, let us say thank you for visiting our website.

We have built this website as a way to organize, review, and share with others, family and friends, some of our life’s history. Since we are all home schooled, it can be less obvious for some as to what we’re doing, so this provides a way for us to communicate to others as little or as much as they would like to know. Here you will also find some of our goals and accomplishments.

The web offers a format that is beautiful for illustrating, communicating, and meeting this objective, again thank you.

I, Lucius Lee Latham, am the leader and organizer of developing this website, with the aid of my father, and making sure that everyone in my family has a proper reflection concerning their actions, performance, and achievements. As a family, we work collectively on so many things that it’s sometimes impossible to separate ones actions from the group, so we have elected to include everyone. To view a more independent summary on each person please view this link, KidZ.

Our family is comprised of eight children, a mother, a father, some fish, and a lizard – bearded dragon. No cats or dogs! We have two girls: Ashley and Toni. We have six boys: Jason, Lucius, Michael, Jacob, Solomon, and Christian, with five of us still living at home.

Since 2005, we’ve been home schooled by our father.  Everyone has a part to play other than receiving an education for themselves. There’s a role of leadership, mentoring, and accountability held by each of us as it relates to the education and home economics of others. This extends to the fields on the farms during harvest time, preparation, and setting our food goods up for freezing and canning. Everyone is included, participates, and has new roles to play each year. This is called adaptation, growth, maturity, survival, and most importantly, LOVE.

This education and accountability does not extend to the Christian life, rather it extends from or has grown out of the Christian life as it is taught and illustrated by our Creator, Lord, and Savior through His living Word, Jesus, the Bible. We give God all of His due glory and honor through this, while seeking a more renewed and transformed heart and mind.

~ Amen ~


C++oding Korner

Lucius' blog, detailing: ideas, designs, and applications of his computer programming adventures.

Examples, details, and written and downloadable code are provided.

Please, feel free to leave your comments and join me in these discussions, thank you.

chica escribiendo

Girlz & Glitz

Ashley and Toni's blog to be composed of creative writing, drawing, photography, and sewing ideas.

We will provide: pictures, videos, instructions, and available information or links to referenced materials.

Please, feel free to leave your comments and join us in these discussions, thank you.

niño escribiendo


Michael and Jacob's blog, written by Lucius, while authoring their stories on the adventures in Minecraft, web crawling, and exploring the caverns of Torchlight.

This will include: drawings, pictures, and maybe some audio and video for your entertainment.

Please, feel free to leave your comments and join us in these discussions, thank you.