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Welcome to KingCodeFish

Hello, my name is Lucius Latham, welcome to my site. I’m a 15-year-old student of academics, programming, the piano, and I’m a child of the Most High and Almighty God.

This site contains a sundry of things from numerous different fields of academics that I’m very interested in. This includes topics such as mathematics, computer science, physics, God’s Word, etc. I hope you enjoy reading about them in my pursuits of extended knowledge and the ever-so-sought-after wisdom that corresponds with them.

This site also features a blog where I try to share various bits (pun intended) of information from my variety of interests. I hope to publish several posts monthly about these various topics. So be sure to watch out for them!  😉 

You can learn more about us on the “About Us” page.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great time exploring!

boy writing

Michael, Jacob, Solomon
& Christian

Michael, Jacob, Solomon, and Christian are my four younger brothers.
Michael is 9 years old, Jacob is 7 years old, Solomon is 4 years old, and Christian is 2 years old.

Michael had the idea for a game statistics page, so we now have one. This page holds the records of our gameplay experiences & thoughts.

Michael and Jacob have their own blog about adventure and exploration stories for your entertainment.

Michael and Jacob are learning basic programming through web designing in HTML and CSS. They’re also learning the piano through basic scale and songs on our digital Kawai.

Solomon is in love with tractors, bulldozers, graders, excavators, and all sorts of heavy, loud, beeping, and buzzing machinery.

Christian is in love with chewing on everything and walking from room to room to see what he can pull down. He has such a sweet smile and growl.

Come and see what these little guys have to say and are doing!

girl reading a book

Ashley & Toni

Ashley is my older sister and Toni is my younger sister. Ashley is 19 years old and Toni is 12 years old.

Ashley and Toni were born on the same date, both are very creative, and they like to discover new ways of expressing themselves through color. Ashley plays the electric guitar, Ibanez – ‘S’ body style, and she’s stringing Toni along in these same vibrations.

They have a portion of this site dedicated to sewing, drawing, creating, cooking, and much more.

They have a blog about new creative things: crafts, hobbies, sewing, creative writing, cooking, and the like.

Toni is learning basic programming by learning web design with HTML and CSS, along with Michael and Jacob.

Come and see if you can help their imagination grow!


C++oding Korner

Lucius' blog, detailing: ideas, designs, and applications of his computer programming adventures.

Examples, details, and written and downloadable code are provided.

Please, feel free to leave your comments and join me in these discussions, thank you.

chica escribiendo

Girlz & Glitz

Ashley and Toni's blog to be composed of creative writing, drawing, photography, and sewing ideas.

We will provide: pictures, videos, instructions, and available information or links to referenced materials.

Please, feel free to leave your comments and join us in these discussions, thank you.

niño escribiendo


Michael and Jacob's blog, written by Lucius, while authoring their stories on the adventures in Minecraft, web crawling, and exploring the caverns of Torchlight.

This will include: drawings, pictures, and maybe some audio and video for your entertainment.

Please, feel free to leave your comments and join us in these discussions, thank you.